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When Impact Real Estate was created, our intention was to build a community of agents that helped each other create an amazing life, not just about helping clients find their dream home. We want to enhance their personal life as well; hoping this would roll into the lives of our clients.

Our goal is to stand out among all others in the industry by not only providing world class service but also creating a house hunting ecosystem like no other. We understand the importance of finding the home that not only fits your needs, with bedrooms and square footage, but also finding the house worthy of calling home.

With the help of our preferred lending and title vendors, we guide you through the process of goal setting, planning, necessary documents and negotiations to ensure a smooth, hassle free, and most importantly a fun transaction. We are excited to begin this journey with you!


Looking to be part of one of the highest producing teams in the industry with a culture and environment that is unmatched, that grantees to increase your business!


Are you tired of losing money by not knowing how to monetize every deal? Our goal is to help every agent in the industry become multi-dimensional and provide multiple solutions to their clients. Learn how to partner with Impact Acquisitions today!


Every agent needs a coach! are you interested in becoming one of the leading professionals in the industry? learn how to double your bussiness and change your family's life!


6-figure agent boot camp! Learn how to build the foundation of being a 6-figure agent!

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